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This special Season for GIVING, your Compassion will HELP our Mission to prevent and cure health disorders in precious, fragile and delicate infant lives at birth as in above NICU picture!


Fundraising Kickoff

JMF year round reccuring fundrasing activities follow Mother's Day celebration to help stress need for children healthiness. JasMicsNICU. Online efforts are steadfast, especially in this annual fundraising peak season yearend finale as in our Donate page and social media links. Please join our regular fundraiser activities via our contact page for more latest information. Also, if you know someone that would be interested in learning more about JMF, please have them contact us too. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit JMF is eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions will help drive our fundraising efforts and other personal goodwill values given our worth cause charity. We do not share any person's contact information with other parties consistent with our strict privacy policy, which is one of the reasons JMF has stayed small and direct with our patrons (the precious infants/families/caregivers) and our sponsors (the generous donors/volunteers).

While our focus remains strongly with our patrons, continued involvement of our sponsors is paramount to sustaing their help for our patrons. We need to encourage and promote all parties healthiness. JMF continues to evolve from real life survival personal experiences as advocate of lessons learned to help stem recurrance of such health suffering. So, to that extent sharing such information justifies the means as in the case of one of our volunteer director's latest life experience below that all can learn from for wellness. Health control and/or cure for adults from personal experience:- It seems some adult poor health conditions are self induced and/or heridetary.Top three examples which I had were mostly due to bad diet and metabolism:
Diabetes - abnormal sugar level in the blood, over wieght and inacitvity and tend to complicate other conditions below.
Cholesterol - abnormal fatty substances that will block the blood vessels.
Blood Pressure - abnormal heart beat from smoking, stress, etc.

These poor health conditions are often diagnosed in the same patient simultaneously, which if not addressed may result in severe complications or fatalities. As mentioned, seems common causes are lifestyle factors especialy:
-Diet includes excess intakes of sugar, carbs, alcohol, fat, salt, etc.
-Inactivity from lack of simple exercise such as stretching, walking, etc resulting in obesity from the poor diet.
-Smoking of tobacco and other products.
The good news is that the factors above are within individual control. It requires disciplined practical lifestyle choices and/or helpful support systems by healthcare practitioners, friends and family. Also, best seller effective Blood Sugar and Cholesterol control natural dietary supplements are available via our AmazonSmile shop link. These specific natural herbal finest quality products have little or no side effects unlike most prescription medications. Our fundraising AmazonSmile program commission proceeds help benefit the JMF mission objectives, so please order here via the link below to the AmazonSmile program, where Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization's selected by our customers.

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Below are my before and after snapshots within two months, which I encourage anyone with or knows someone with similar health challengaes to consider:
-Drop in A1C below the diabetics index with use of Glucocil® - Promotes Normal Blood Sugar & Body Weight Naturally Via The 3 Essentials of Healthy Blood Sugar; the #1 Blood Sugar Solution.
-Weight loss from 203 bls to 178 bls index with use of Glucocil® - Promotes Normal Blood Sugar & Body Weight Naturally Via The 3 Essentials of Healthy Blood Sugar. The #1 Blood Sugar Solution.
-Better vision with use of Multi-Betic 60 Count (Multi-Pack) and lower diabetics risk (low sugar from and weight loss above supplement and exercise).
-Normal blood pressure and EKG due to lower diabetics risk (low sugar from and weight loss above supplement and exercise).
-Cholestorol remains challenging above normal level but improving with time index with use of Twinlabs Cholesterol Success Plus, 120 Tablets.
My physician remarked if other patients have similar focus, all will be well. I reinterated the consequencies are dire as he told me upon being diagonized, hence corrective measures are inevitable. Yes, in my younger days, I ate everything available even though I was picky too. But things must change with age as my metabolism diminishes despite the genetic angle. So, the doctor emphasized I do not smoke, but maintain strick diet of no sugar, carbs, fat especially fried food, but only drink occationally if necessary, and exercise - I ride bike twice weekly. As the doctor stressed anyhthing in moderation is prudent so we can be around longer for the children. Thank you for your continued support of JMF organization.

Infant Care Links

Pregnancy Insights - Expecting mothers should consider the free vital information on pregnancy with the illustrated visual video/picture weekly and/or monthly baby development tracking provided at: Pregnancy.org, WikiDoc.org, WebMD.com, Babble.com, BabyCenter.com, BabyZone.com, Mosquitos & Zika/Malaria/WestNile, etc, Text4Baby, etc. Such information seems useful for discussion during prenatal care visits for critical ultrasound and other testing, especially with community healthcare provider.

The session should be a two-way question and answer communication with the more informed expecting mother as an active participant and not just assume the healthcare provider will address all aspects of the preganancy. Hence, adequate prenatal care is vital to precious, fragile and delicate infant life health to reduce pregnancy risks before they manifest as potential fatal and/or disabling health issues in infants:

  • Also, this stresses the importance of prenatal care to identify high risk pregnancies and direct expecting mothers to use hospitals most equipped to address the inherent critical risks before and during child birth as possible as time is of the essence. On postnatal care, the March of Dime recommends key evaluations: 1) Newborn Screening for genetic disorders and 2) Congenital Conditioning for heart deases.
  • Further, if a baby has recurring health issue such as ear infection, running nose, etc the parents should press for specialist attention promptly, especially if the baby was born in risky preterm.
Please access other helpful and insightful hints here now. However, note JMF has no affiliation with any commercial sites mentioned here but suggests such information may be vital as part of our prenatal care and postnatal care risks preventive education program. Similar public information may be available at local community centers and libraries.

Community Partnerships - JMF is continuously developing collaborations and/or coalitions with the organizations below and others to enable our joint mission outreach preventive and supportive programs objectives:

  • Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation & University of Miami Medical School - Outreach Prevention
  • Holtz Childrens Hospital and The Womens Hospital Center at Jackson - Outreach Support
  • Miami Beach/North Miami Beach Community Health Centers - Outreach Prevention
  • Miami Children Hospital - Outreach Support
  • Mount Sinai Hospital - Outreach Support
  • Miami Center For Family and Child Enrichment - Outreach Support
  • Greater Miami Service Corps - Outreach Prevention


We need your hands-on help too as possible. So, to volunteer your time for a potential match in any of our operational aspects, please download, complete and fax this application form. Thereafter, we will contact you promptly for the next steps. Also, you may use our Ideallist and VolunteerMatch Listing below.


As it's said often, no gift donation is too small and that's very true, especially for JMF worth causes charity. Please click this link to our Donate page to see what your tax deductible charitable donation dollars can do exactly with the reassuring direct links for IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check and GuideStar Exchange Transparency Verification. Also, please help with our fundraising campaign by sharing the link (http://jasmics.org/donatenow.html) with your families, friends, peers and colleagues via phones, texts, emails and social media.

Further, help preserve the Earth for the next generations by participating in recycling your own, family and/or friend's printer used inkjet cartridges, old cell phones and old small electronics to save the environment through PLANET GREEN (PG) on behalf of JMF, which will receive donation from this PG link: JMF save-donate duo Please understand this is at no cost to you via this PG sponsorship free shipping label initiatives drive link.


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