jasMics Foundation, Inc.

A bonafide tax exempt nonprofit charity that champions kids healthiness and learning needs as approved by the government statues of
Federal 501(c)(3) EIN 45-4756754 and State of Florida Solicitation/Exemption CH37761/DR-14.

Happy Fall Back To School Learning FUNdamentals!
with LOVE all

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This special Season for GIVING, your Compassion will HELP our Mission to prevent and cure health disorders in precious, fragile and delicate infant lives at birth as in above NICU picture!

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We would be happy to discuss JMF in greater details and answer any questions you have.  Please contact us below at any time.

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Your kindly resourcefulness, especially precious time is valuable and you can help JMF mission by participating in various charitable ways. JasMicsFootPinkg. You can help with adminstrative, fundraising or other activities. Please refer to our Events page for details.


As it's said often, no gift donation is too small and that's very true, especially for JMF worth causes charity. Please click this link to our Donate page to see what your tax deductible charitable donation dollars can do exactly with the reassuring direct links for IRS Exempt Organizations Select Check and GuideStar Exchange Transparency Verification.

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