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A bonafide tax exempt nonprofit charity that champions kids healthiness and learning needs as approved by the government statues of
Federal 501(c)(3) EIN 45-4756754 and State of Florida Solicitation/Exemption CH37761/DR-14.

Happy Spring Season!
with LOVE from ...

... our charming survivor-advocate, Jasmine, on behalf of other precious, fragile and delicate infant lives enduring her previous health disorders at birth as in ER/NICU painful situation picture below. She is thriving now with regular checkups of her vital life saving surgeries of the critical health disorders she endured that were preventable and detectable. She celebrated her birthday recently and is into the same jolly habits of kids her age including having fun learning in school and also likes to sing and dance too. Those are abilities she can use to give hope, comfort, cheer and inspiration to kids and families enduring her earlier real life threatening Microcolon, Adenoid Hypertrophy and related illnesses ordeal definitions

Hence, your generous gift donation of $10 or more today will help JMF rapidly provide their vital urgent needs in championing kids healthiness and learning.
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Please let their lives be normal and joyful again as their best wishes, especially in the spririt of this season of giving, caring and touching hand-fingers.

Kindly Donate to JMF Fund and help prevent Kids Health Issues with Care and Education mission to stop deseaes and sicknesses as in ER/NICU

Please make your tax deductible contribution securely by clicking the button below to
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to both the Preventive and Supportive Programs benefits summary below and consider electing the monthly donation option to help sustain our mission services.

What We Need & What You Get
For such an amazing difference to ensue kindly help make similar modern miracle possible by collaborating with us. Your tax deductible charity donation will go directly to benefit kids' health and learning needs. These include costs for hospital NICU and/or ER; basic essential of food, shelter, clothing, transportation; and development ability books, play toys, etc. Children benefit 100% as additional reinfusable saving is only possible since JMF services are delivered by a team of management volunteers to minimize operating cost aspects alongside the reuse of materials such as this fundraising solicitation campaign flyer amid stringent cost control.

JMF has a tight $94,500 budget shortfall constraint with projected 14% annual growth target to $106,500. We have included estimated processing fee for our $110,000 adjusted goal to fund the vital community outreach programs. Hence, time is of the essence for this fundraising campaign.

Again, please note your gift donation is 100% tax deductible and enriches your life experience with the joy of helping precious kids in need as your ROI dividend. JMF complies with the transparency required by the IRS under the government statues of Federal 501(c)(3) EIN 45-4756754 and State of Florida Solicitation CH37761 and Exemption DR-14 as monitored by GuideStar and other sanctioning entities.

Our Mission & Programs

Also, for other fund donation ways are mail in a check or money order to our contact address or fax/call us as in the information flyer above.
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